Rings on her fingers …

Rings on her fingers …

So I have often wondered why I sell so many rings? Is it because not that many people design or make interesting rings?  Is it because my rings are such great value – most rings set with such fabulous stones are a lot more expensive?  Or is it because so many of my customers love to buy jewellery for themselves and they want to be able to admire their rings in a way that you can’t when you wear other jewellery?


Maybe it is a little bit of all of these things.  Personally I love a beautiful stone or a chunky design that I can admire and when that flash or sparkle catches you out of the corner of your eye, it brings a little joy to your heart.

 Many women know their ring size, but as we get older our ring size will change – knuckles get bigger, fingers get arthritic, life adds a few more wrinkles.  So here is a great trick if you don’t know your ring size.  Take a ring that fits, draw inside it with a pen, and then photograph it with a mm ruler – send me the picture and I will work it out from there.

I’ve done this many times and touch wood – it always works.


Remember that your finger size goes up and down with temperature, time of the month and altitude.  You can usually wear a ring that is at least half a size smaller or bigger.  Remember you have 10 fingers and there is nothing to stop you wearing many rings on many fingers.  

 I make many rings from little stacking rings to great chunky statement pieces and like clothes they are easy to change and match your mood or your outfit.

All my stones are hand selected by me from gem dealers in India – one of my happy places is to sit and sift through a packet of stones till I find the ones I love.  So no two rings are ever quite the same.  Each stone is cut and polished by skilled craftsmen and set uniquely in silver and gold.  So let me know what you are in the mood for and I can send you pictures of rings in your size and style

 I do love colour and my own preference if for something chunky and bold.  But designs are always evolving and mostly come from a beautiful stone.




Labradorite, Chalcedony, Citrine, Topaz Tourmaline – to me these gems are like sweeties and each has its own flavour and pleasure.  Some rings are majestic and regal – I’ve had several women want to buy themselves a divorce ring – whilst others are lucky enough to get gifts from devoted husbands.

 Rings for every finger – rings you have chosen yourself and rings that you can wear every day.  These are one of life’s great pleasures.

There are many ring size guides out there, but you I hope you will find the one linked to my website useful.


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