Jewellery Care

Do please treat your new jewellery with a little respect and it will bring you years of joy. 

Sterling silver and natural gemstones are highly resilient.  Gold vermeil is a layer of 22ct gold on sterling silver and so lasts longer if you are gentle with it, but when it does eventually wear away it can usually be replaced.

Pearls are generally softer than stones so we tend not to use them in rings.  Do be careful when applying perfume as it can dim their lustre.  Silver can lose its brightness if it is not worn, but most of the time all you need is a soft cloth and a gentle buff to bring your jewellery back to its original shine.

It is always better to take your jewellery off at night and whilst it probably won’t hurt, I suggest that you take your rings off before too much housework or washing up!

Enjoy your Quince Jewellery and let us know if you have any questions.