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Russian Wedding Ring

Russian Wedding Ring

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No one seems to quite agree on the romantic history of the Russian wedding ring, but here are a few ideas.  Traditionally made out of white, yellow and rose gold does it represent then, now and forever.  Is it the union of the father, son and holy ghost or the family of mother, father children. 

Whatever the story it is such a satisfying design to wear.  We have made ours in wide silver bands that roll over each other as you put them on.  Tricky to photograph but very satisfying to wear.  We have a few available, but will be making more, so let us know your size and if we don't have the right size now, we can make it up.

Such a great chunky ring, it looks good on any finger - or even as a thumb ring.

The guys are loving this ring too - shown here on my lovely nephew eating his breakfast.

I'm afraid that due to the increase in the cost of silver I have had to put the price of items like this up - but they are still fantastic value.

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