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Tourmaline Stacking Ring

Tourmaline Stacking Ring

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Every one of these rings is different, it is part of the joy of Tourmalines.  We spend hours and hours sifting through stones looking for pleasing balances of colour and shape to make these rings.  Each ring is made separately and then bonded together at the base to hold the stones into a beautiful arrangement that doesn't slip and always looks good.  You could say they are are faux stacking rings.

We make quite a wide collection of these over about 5 different sizes so hopefully there will be one that fit and that you love.  If you would like to buy one of these rings it is worth getting in touch and we will send photos of rings in y our size that are currently available.  If nothing is quite right we can make another, but you would need to be patient as this usually takes a few months..  Worth it though for your own unique piece of jewellery.


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