Delicate necklace with fine chain and balls
Ball and Chain Necklace
Short ball and chain necklace available in yellow gold, rose gold and silver
Ball and Chain short necklace with chain and small balls in silver
Ball and chain short necklace in yellow gold
Ball and Chain and Watch Fob chain.  perfect for layering with other necklaces

Ball and Chain Necklace

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This is  a great little necklace for either wearing delicately on its own or for layering.  At about 18" long it sits nicely just below the collar bone.  Made in sterling silver we have plated a few in yellow or rose gold.  My daughter loves this necklace and never takes it off! 


On Wednesday this week I had been John’s Ball and Chain for 25 years.
Silver Wedding anniversary, and no big knees up, but a lovely surprise present from Quince. I love it; I thought you’d like to know how much!    Sara