Our jewellery

About our jewellery

The Quince Collection is designed by me and I feel I now have the job I always wanted! I just love experimenting with colour and texture taking inspiration from everything around me, nature, my training in art history and career in fashion. 

All my jewellery is handmade, with natural hand-cut stones, so every piece is unique - you won't find anything mass produced here.  Our stones are cut in India in the Johri Bazar or Jaipur and a small workshop in Pune makes some of our pieces, others are made here in Winchester UK. Everything is sterling silver and some pieces are coated in 22ct gold vermeil.  If you want a piece made in solid gold that is no problem, but we only do this as a commissioned piece. 


Responsible Partnerships


The people and workshops we collaborate with are important to us.  We are currently looking at moving our paper to a small co-operative in India that makes handmade paper from waste fabric.